Jim & Linda MeyersLinda and I moved from Denver to Pueblo. We looked at existing and new homes all over Pueblo before we chose Domega Homes. The homes are stunningly beautiful, the builder and his staff are wonderful people and the neighbors are very nice. It’s a great home in a great community. We feel we made the best choice with Domega Homes. – JIM AND LINDA MEYERS

Domega Homes has turned out to be the Best decision we ever made! The neighborhood is friendly and the view is great. Professional sales staff helped in purchasing the home to fit our needs. Our guess is that  you’ll soon be our neighbors and enjoy this fun community with us! – the Gustavsons
There isn’t anything I don’t like about my Domega Home. It is perfect for my needs from the size of the rooms to the beautiful mountain View from my windows. – Francis M. Baity
Our Domega Home has everything we need: plenty of room when our family comes to visit, a smaller yard to care for and a beautiful neighborhood to live in. The entire Domega Staff was always there to answer our questions, guide us indecisions, and make the whole process a rewarding experience. – Bill and Judy Thomas

We love our Domega Home. Our neighborhood is so quiet and safe with beautiful panoramic views of the front range. We’ve found this area to be true to the Pueblo philosophy – the people are friendly and fun loving. – Terry & Marikate Book
What’s not to like and enjoy! We live in a serene community with an energy efficient, quality built home. From the tile roof to the no steps foundations, each home is designed to minimize all it’s utility cost. Domega Homes was very responsive to our accessibility needs and constantly involved us during the building process. I would defiantly call this community the jewel of Pueblo’s neighborhoods! – Hector & Connie Arambulo
It will be 2 years this September that we moved to Pueblo; We have had 5 new homes built in our lifetime and our Domega Home has by far surpassed the others in quality, style and efficiency. And we love the community! There are such nice people here! – Fred & Elaine Zabelin
“In 2006 my wife and I were in a horrible car accident that changed our lives; my wife broke her back and I had a broken shoulder. It was a long road to recovery and because of the accident my wife is permanently disabled.
Due to the loss of her income, months of rehab for both of us and mounting medical bills, we were unable to keep up and had to file for bankruptcy. We had to move and look for a house to rent and we loved the area Domega Homes had developed so we went to Domega Homes in hopes of finding a rental in the area. We explained our situation and the staff at Domega Homes showed us some houses they had available in their Lease To Own Program. They told us they would do everything they could to help us get in the home of our dreams and they did!!” 
“We needed 3 years before we would be able to buy a home so Domega gave us a 3 year lease. During that 3 years our lives changed and we needed a bigger house; we asked if there was a way to move into a larger home and were told “why don’t we just build you what you want?”
They trusted in us and during the last year of our lease, they built us our dream home.”
“At the end of the 3 years our bankruptcy was finalized, I am proud to say we now own our Dream Home. If it wasn’t for Domega Homes I’m not sure where we would be today. Domega gave us everything we ever wanted in a home plus a few extras we didn’t even ask for. They took such pride in building our home, like it was for one of their own family.”
“The Lease To Own Program that Domega offers is the best I’ve ever seen and we are proof that it works! I am very proud of our new home and being a part of the Domega family.”
“Thank you for trusting and having faith in us so we could achieve our goal of owning the home of our dreams.” Ron & Debbie Seifried  
We wouldn’t want to live anywhere else in Pueblo. The quality of the home is second to none. The energy efficiency surpassed any expectations we had prior to moving in, equating to costs being much lower than our previous, and much smaller, home. There is no question in relation to Domega Homes standing behind the quality of their product. Even when a ‘one of a kind’ issue surfaced nearly a year after our warranty had expired, Domega Homes resolved the problem in short order with no cost to us. I’m not sure I would have found that anywhere else.

If you are looking for a neighborhood where you will see your neighbors walking their dogs, walking with their ‘significant others, riding their bikes, and working to keep their properties attractive, both in the cool of the morning and evening, you will find it here. If you are looking for a safe quiet neighborhood, which is located on the quiet outskirts of Pueblo, this is the place.Richard & Maryanna Sidler

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