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What Makes A Domega Home an Energy Efficient Home

There are several elements involved in the building of an energy efficient home and it takes years of experience and knowledge to make sure every home built meets the highest standards and delivers true cost savings to the home owner.

Domega Homes has been recognized for years as a proven leader in building energy efficient homes. Our homes have won awards from thenational energy star federal governments National Energy Star Homes Program and given the highest five star rating available by Energy Logic, a private testing facility that test the efficiency of homes across the country.

While it may cost a little more to build a true energy efficient home, our buyers find that initial cost pays for itself in no time because of the way we build our homes.

Some key elements in building an energy efficient home is a well constructed and tightly sealed thermal envelope; controlled ventilation; 

 properly sized, high-efficiency heating and cooling systems, energy-efficient doors and windows, and our signature life time warranty concrete tile roofing system.

Thermal Envelope

A thermal envelope is everything about the house that serves to shield the living space from the outdoors. It includes the wall and roof assemblies, insulation, windows, and weatherstripping and caulking. Good air sealing alone in the foundation and framing stages can reduce utility cost by as much as 50% when compared to other houses of the same type and age. This is why Domega Homes takes critical steps in these stages of building to ensure that every area of potential air leakage into or out of our homes are sealed with either insulation, caulking, foam, or thermal board.

Wall and Roof Assemblies

Domega Homes are constructed of 2×6 wood framing and steel cross bracing using the OVE (optimum value engineering) method of construction. This method uses wood only where it is most effective, thus reducing costly wood use and saving more space for insulation. Our construction methods have been proven to be one of the strongest methods of framing available today. Our signature lifetime warranty concrete tile roofing system absorbs the suns heat without letting it transfer into the home. This system allows  for a space barrier between the tile and the specially designed underlayment which allows the home to breathe. Not only is it more energy efficent, there is no replacement cost and many insurance companies offer a reduction in in your insurance premiums.


An energy-efficient home has much higher insulation R-values than required by most local building codes and Domega uses the highest available. An R-value is the ability of the material to resist heat transfer. The lower the value, the faster the heat loss. And we use more than one type depending on the area of the home. Some areas of a home will benefit more from fiberglass batts or rolls, while other areas would be more energy efficient and cost effective to use blow fiberglass, or foam insulation, or thermal board. We use all four methods for maximum efficency.

Foundation walls and slabs should be as well insulated as the living space walls. Poorly insulated foundations have a major impact on home energy use and comfort if not properly designed and sealed during the framing stages. Sealing the slab at the framing stage is a step many builders overlook. We pay close attention to making sure our slabs or foundation walls are as air tight as possible carefully sealing sill plates, floor joist, headers, and subfloors with the appropriate caulking and gasket materials.


The typical home loses more than 25% of its heat through windows. Therefore, the quality of windows and doors that are used in a home, where they are placed, and the amount of overhang is extremely important. Domega Homes installs only windows and doors that are low E, high energy efficient, and double glazed that are manufactured especially for our climate. This ensures that the windows have a much lower solar heat gain and a higher condensation resistance factor and an overall higher energy performance rating than the average windows most builders use. Domega also considers the placement and size of windows in a design to make sure the ratio of floor area to window area are within the proper percentage to guarantee the highest efficiency possible.

Controlled Ventilation Heating and Cooling Systems

Since an energy efficient home is tightly sealed, it needs to be ventilated in a controlled manner in order to reduce health risk from indoor air pollution, promote a more comfortable atmosphere and reduces air moisture infilteration thus reducing the likelihood of structural damage.

This is done through the use of exhaust fans in areas where heat can build up such as laundry rooms, kitchens and baths. Also using heating systems that are sealed combustion units, which use only outside air for combustion and vent combustion gases directly to the outdoors.

This is very important for ventilation energy efficiency and safety. Also specifying the correct sizes of systems in airtight, energy efficient homes is important.

Most builders simply order a unit that is in stock and readily available that will cover the square footage of a house. This results in wasteful operation, running a unit that is to large to often. Domega Homes works hand in hand with our heating and cooling contractor and size our systems based on careful consideration of the thermal envelope characteristics of each individual home we build.

Because of all the other things we do in the construction stages, our homes require relatively small heating systems that are less expensive to operate. Many of our homes don’t even have a conventional heating system, we’ve found a way to heat our homes with nothing more than a fan that blows heat off of a box of stacked coils and pulls in outside air, supplying the interior with fresh air in turn causing a negative pressure on the inside of the home sealing the windows and doors even tighter making the home more efficient.

Forward, innovative thinking, incorporating all of the above elements of energy efficiency keeps Domega Homes in front of our competitors. In the end, our energy efficient method of building provides you with superior comfort and lower operating cost, not to mention a higher real estate market value. Stop by today and let us show you the Domega Homes difference.

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